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Multimodality Photodynamic Acne Scar Remodeling

Acne scars are often broken down into three different types: rolling, box car and ice pick scars. Many people often have a mixed amount of each type, and treatment options for each can vary – the best combination should be determined with an in person consultation.

Ice pick scars are the most difficult type to treat, and often require multiple modalities to get satisfactory correction. Which modalities are you should be custom tailored to your individual needs, which includes your skin type in the exact type of ice pick scarring that you have.

I often employ combinations of ablative laser resurfacing, such as CO2, TCA CROSS, microneedling, injected PRP, and subcision. Subcision requires an expert to do it properly and thoroughly, as it is similar to undermining during a facelift, but is an essential aspect of the treatment plan.

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