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Warts, while a fairly common skin condition, can still be fairly frustrating to those who experience them. Their medical urgency might not be terribly high, but they can still cause an irritating decline in one’s quality of life. This is exactly why we offer a number of treatments here at 5C | Dermatology, to help you remove warts and enjoy clear skin once and for all.

Every patient is unique, bringing with them not only their own goals but a highly unique anatomy, with unique skin qualities. We work closely with our patients, setting up in-person consultations and developing highly personalized treatment plans. If you’ve been feeling frustrated by the presence of warts and other skin issues, reach out and set up an in-person consultation at our Spokane location, and learn how you can enjoy clear skin today!

What Causes Warts?

Warts can often seem to simply appear out of nowhere, showing up on the skin with little to no warning. While some types of warts on the bottom of the foot can be somewhat painful, most are topical, keep themselves limited to the uppermost layer of the skin, and aren’t painful beyond the discomfort that can be caused by their appearance.

Warts on the skin are typically caused by some type of virus, but the good news is that once they’re removed, they don’t tend to come back. At 5C | Dermatology, we offer a variety of wart removal treatments. During your in-person consultation, we’ll pick out the one that’s perfect for you, and get you on the path to clear skin.

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Treating Warts at Clinic 5c

Pulsed-Dye Laser

Laser treatments can be an effective way to treat certain types of warts by targeting the blood vessels that feed them. 


Freezing warts off is a fairly common technique, is quite comfortable, and doesn’t take much time at all to complete. You’ll be able to return home as soon as the process is over, which is relatively quick and doesn’t involve much recovery time at all.


If your warts require excision, we can remove them quickly and easily, at our Spokane surgical center. This process is quite comfortable, only requires local anesthesia, and won’t take you out of your day-to-day schedule for very long at all.


For stubborn warts, we can take advantage of our bodies native powerful immune response to attack the virus that causes warts.

Clinic 5C

If you’ve been wondering how to take care of frustrating warts, we have the solution for you here at 5C | Dermatology. We can help you enjoy clear, smooth skin, without the need for invasive surgery or any kind of lengthy recovery period. Reach out and set up your in-person consultation at our Spokane location today, and learn how you can love the way you look!

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