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Aging of the neck involves excess skin, fat, and muscle. Early aging tends to involve skin laxity, crepiness, and wrinkles, while in more advanced aging, there can be changes in the actual shape of the neck with double chins and banding in the front of the neck. Dr. Cameron Chesnut and the expert medical staff at Clinic 5C are proud to offer their Spokane EnigmaLift neck lift. This is a proprietary procedure that tightens, lifts, and rejuvenates the face and neck with a minimally invasive approach.

Can a EnigmaLift Neck Lift be Combined with Other Procedures?

A neck lift can be performed individually or as part of a facelift procedure through multiple different approaches to target these various aspects of neck aging. Dr. Chesnut’s proprietary EnigmaLift approach for performing the best of neck tightening Spokane has to offer, uses minimal incisions to tighten, shape, and restore neck contour.

Other procedures, both surgical and nonsurgical, can be performed in conjunction with or in replacement of a neck lift in select situations. These include laser resurfacing, Kybella injections, PRP, and others.

During your consultation, Dr. Chesnut will lay out your options, both surgical and nonsurgical, and together you can develop the perfect treatment plan for your goals and needs.

Before & After EnigmaLift Neck Lift

How Does the EnigmaLift Work?

Outdated face lifting techniques merely tightened the skin, leaving the underlying fat pads and soft tissues alone. Unfortunately,  this tends to create an artificial, “windswept” look, with limited results and telltale signs of surgery.

Dr. Chesnut’s proprietary EnigmaLift neck lift in Spokane uses the most minimally invasive approaches to restore and rejuvenate the deep soft tissues of the face that have sagged and accumulated, nothing is more natural!

At Clinic 5C, our Spokane EnigmaLift neck lift procedure utilizes a minimally-invasive approach, tightening and repositioning underlying soft tissues, and allowing the overlying skin to drape naturally, for a more restorative and durable rejuvenation.

There are numerous combinations of techniques that can be utilized, and during your consultation, Dr. Chesnut will determine which combination is going to be right for you, as well as which areas of your face and neck need to be addressed.

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