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If you’ve found yourself frustrated with the look of your jawline, you’re absolutely not alone. Many individuals wish they could do something to enjoy a more distinguished jawline, but aren’t quite willing to subject themselves to invasive surgery, or the recovery time that tends to come with it. At Clinic 5C, we can help you achieve the jawline you’ve been dreaming of, without the need for any invasive surgery.

Utilizing different filler modalities, we can help redefine jawline strength, length and contour. For women, this can give the appearance of a sharp, defined and long jawline with excellent shadow to the neck. For men, this can square the jawline, giving it strength and power. If you’ve been wanting to make changes to the way your jaw complements the rest of your face, reach out to Clinic 5C and set up an in-person consultation today!

What Are the Benefits of Structural Jawline Tightening?

When it comes to shaping and sculpting the jawline, there are a number of surgical options available. Recent advancements in non-surgical cosmetic procedures, however, have given us a number of non-invasive filler-based treatment options, which can allow us to augment and shape your jawline with a surprising degree of precision. Some of the major benefits of our non-surgical jawline tightening procedure include:

  • Quick procedure time
  • Relatively painless and comfortable
  • Minimal downtime or recovery period
  • Much more affordable
  • Control over results
Side profile of young model with contour on her face

Is Jawline Tightening the Right Choice for Me?

When it comes to the face, symmetry is key. Facial harmony is often determined by how well your features complement each other, so it’s not uncommon for patients to seek out jawline augmentation when they’re not happy with the way their chin and jaw contribute to their overall sense of facial harmony.

This procedure is designed to tighten and contour the jawline, creating a stronger sense of contour and definition, adding graceful lines that better complement your overall sense of facial harmony. Determining the specifics of how this will be achieved will depend on your in-person consultation.

What’s the Recovery Process Like?

One of the most attractive features of our structural jawline tightening procedure is that it comes with a distinct lack of a recovery process. As is the case with most dermal fillers, you’ll experience a bit of redness, some minor swelling, and the possibility of some minor discomfort in the treatment area...but this is nothing that can’t be dealt with by over-the-counter medication, and tends to subside within a week of treatment, at the most.

If you’ve been looking for a way to add definition and contour to your jawline, but aren’t quite interested in a fully invasive surgical procedure, the structural jawline tightening we offer at Clinic 5C in Spokane might be perfect for you. Reach out today, and set up a consultation to learn more about how we can help you enjoy the jawline of your dreams!

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