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While moles can often present cosmetic frustrations, it’s not uncommon for them to also be associated with cancerous growths, which is why it can be important to have them looked at sooner, rather than later. In most cases, moles simply present as brown spots on the skin, similar to freckles, only larger and darker. Some, however, can be larger, and can pose cosmetic issues.

If you’ve been feeling frustrated by the presence of moles on your skin, we can help you with a number of treatments available here at 5C | Dermatology in Spokane. We offer a number of highly advanced treatments and modalities, each of which can help to remove or reduce the presence of moles, so you can enjoy healthy, clear skin, once and for all!

How Are Moles Caused?

It’s important to note that moles are very, very common, and for the most part they’re quite harmless. In most cases, they simply present as dark spots of pigmentation on the skin, and only require medical attention if you’re feeling frustrated by or uncomfortable with their presence.

Most moles are caused by skin cells that grow in clumps, as opposed to their normal distribution. When these cells grow too closely together, they cause the natural pigmentation in your skin to increase, darkening the area, and creating the spots we’re familiar with.

Close up of a woman's back that has a ton of freckles

It’s important to keep an eye on your moles, to be sure that they don’t become cancerous, or develop into melanoma. It’s smart to watch them and make sure they don’t change or grow in size and shape, while also taking care to avoid overexposing your skin to the sun’s harmful UV rays. Sunscreen, clothes, shade, and other precautionary measures can help with this in a significant way.

Treating Moles at 5C | Dermatology

We offer a number of effective ways to treat moles, and depending on the type and size of yours, we’ll help you pick the option that’s best for you. We understand that not only are most moles quite different, but everyone brings unique skin with them, as well. During your in-person consultation, we’ll get to know you, your skin type, and your goals, developing a customized treatment plan to address them all.

  • Excision is a minimally-invasive way to surgically remove moles. At 5C | Dermatology, we offer treatments to surgically remove these issues, as well as procedures that can help to repair the area, as well.
  • Laser Therapy is a highly advanced way to treat issues like moles and hyperpigmentation, breaking up clusters of cells and encouraging that body’s production of collagen and elastin.

If you’ve been feeling frustrated by the presence of moles or other blemishes on your skin, we have a number of great solutions for you here at 5C | Dermatology. Reach out and set up an in-person consultation at our Spokane location, and we’ll develop a customized treatment plan that’ll help you enjoy healthy, clear skin.

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