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Eyebag Removal in Spokane

Many of the telltale signs of aging tend to make themselves around the eyes, first and foremost. Loose and sagging skin just under your eyelids can cause the formation of those dreaded under-eye bags, which often lead to an unnecessarily tired or dark and shadowed appearance. But there’s good news! At our Clinic 5C, we provide one of the most revolutionary procedures of lower eyelid surgery Spokane has to offer, specifically designed to correct the appearance of bags under the lower eyelids.

Should I Consider Lower Eyelid Surgery?

Aging of the lower eyelids often results in a baggy look, which can be caused by fat, fluid, excess muscle, and skin. Any one of these issues (or a combination of them) can make you look like you are tired and sleep-deprived, angry, and unhealthy.

You’re a great candidate for our eyebags removal in Spokane if you’ve been dealing with any of the following issues:

  • Fatty deposits
  • Excess skin
  • Sagging lower eyelids
  • Lost volume
  • Wrinkles
  • Crepe-like appearance
  • Sunken, sleepy appearance
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Minimally-Invasive Eyelid Surgery in Spokane

Blepharoplasty surgery for our Spokane eyelid fat removal can be performed at Clinic5C without any external incisions or stitches, in a minimally-invasive fashion.

This procedure effectively smooths fleshy bags under the eyes and blends the transition between your lower eyelids and cheek, for a more contoured, elegant, and subtle appearance.

This procedure restores a rested, happy, and healthy look, and Dr. Chesnut can actually use the excess fat from your lower eyelids to restore lost volume in the cheeks (we’ll work closely with you to decide whether or not any complementary procedures might help you reach your ultimate goals). During your in-person consultation, we’ll go over each of your available options, and develop a customized treatment plan.

What is Lower Eyelid Retraction?

Lower eyelid retraction is common as we age. This condition is when the lower eyelid is retracted or pulled down changing the entire shape of the eye. This can be seen where the lid margin sits below the iris portion of the eyes and the white of the eye underneath the iris starts to show as a sign of lower eyelid retraction. (See Before and After images as examples.)

This condition can happen with the normal aging process and loss of bony or soft tissue support, with genetics, or commonly after suboptimal lower eyelid surgeries. These details are a matter of tenths of millimeters, and correcting them involves a lot of intricate work for those subtle changes.

Dr. Chesnut specializes in correcting lower eyelid retraction as part of his EnigmaLift procedure. He can assess the condition and perform a scarless correction of the lower eyelids to restore a more vibrant character to the eyes.

Before & After Lower Eyelid Retraction

Customize Your Procedure

A blepharoplasty for our Spokane eyebags treatment can be paired with other procedures to tighten the lower lid and skin, including laser resurfacing. At Clinic 5C, we progress the results of our top quality procedures.

We bring our care to the next level, combining modalities and bringing complementary procedures together whenever there’s an opportunity to create results that might not be attainable otherwise.

Clinic 5C

Laser Resurfacing for Rejuvenated Skin

One of the best ways to get the most out of lower eyelid surgery (also known as blepharoplasty) at our Spokane facility is to combine it with one of our laser resurfacing procedures. This non-surgical procedure can refresh and rejuvenate your skin, without any kind of invasive surgery. Using laser technology, this procedure heats specific layers of your skin to stimulate the production of collagen, elastin, and other revitalizing compounds that encourage your skin to more effectively retain its youthful glow.

The Clinic 5C Difference

When it comes to providing postoperative care, we pride ourselves on taking things to the next level, here at Clinic 5C. Under the guidance of Dr. Cameron Chesnut’s relentlessly innovative spirit, we’ve developed a number of restorative and regenerative treatments that can not only help to greatly reduce the duration of the recovery period, but that can make it a great deal more comfortable as well.

We work closely with each and every patient to ensure realistic expectations, and pride ourselves in our natural results, which highlight facial harmony and emphasizes our patients’ existing beauty. Reach out and set up a consultation today, to learn more about what Dr. Chesnut and the Clinic 5C team can do for you, today!

Clinic 5C

Can an EnigmaLift - Scarless Lower Eyebag Removal Surgery be Combined with Other Procedures?

Many patients combine lower eyelid bags surgery with other procedures, such as an ÔPTIMized Laser Cocktail, ÔPTIMized Stem Cell Rich Fat Transfer, and/or EnigmaLift Midface Lift. Dr. Chesnut will design a surgical plan for you once you complete your consultation.

Before & After EnimaLift Eye Bag Removal

Enigma Lift Eyebag Removal in Spokane

If you’ve been searching for an effective treatment for dark circles or frustrating eyebags under the lower eyelids, Clinic 5C in Spokane has the procedure you’ve been looking for. Our Enigma Lift lower eyelid surgery can refresh and rejuvenate your appearance, allowing you to move through the world looking and feeling as great as you know you deserve to. Reach out and set up your in-person consultation today!

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