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The chin’s contribution to overall facial shape, aging, strength and contour is often underappreciated and under-addressed by novice cosmetic physicians. The chin has upstream effects on the nose, neck, jawline and even forehead appearance.

Facial implants have long been the lone option for treatment of a small, under projected chin, but these surgeries have high rates of reoperation with the implantation of an artificial structure for bony augmentation.

Dr. Chesnut is very modernly trained and of the new school philosophy that the longer acting fillers have a much more natural look with a safety profile that is unmatched when compared with implantation surgical procedures. With the duration of these fillers often being several years, they are often replacing implants with the younger generations of surgeons.

Commonly used fillers for this bony augmentation include Voluma, Restylane Lyft, Radiesse, Bellafill and others.

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