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WELCOME TO THE NEXT LEVEL of Skin Cancer Treatment

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Our patients travel from all over the world to experience the next level of skin cancer treatment. We achieve the highest possible cure rates, the absolute best cosmetic outcomes, and the fastest recovery times. We make the process completely concierge and frictionless for you to experience these NEXT LEVEL results.

Compared to your local Mohs surgeon or plastic surgeon, this is another level of skin cancer treatment and outcomes—combining the absolute best of skin cancer treatment, cosmetics, and regenerative medicine in one elevated experience.

Dr. Chesnut can help determine the best treatment option for your tumor, which is not always a surgical treatment. Dr. Chesnut also utilizes other therapies, such as lasers, when they are the best treatment option. Even when surgery is indicated, Dr. Chesnut often uses lasers to optimize the treatment and cosmetic outcomes. Dr. Chesnut will help educate and navigate your best treatment options during your consultation!

    Leave No Trace. Mohs Surgery Before & After

    upper lip reconstruction Nasal Reconstruction

    Upper Lip Reconstruction

    Lower Eyelid/Cheek ReconstructionLower Eyelid/Cheek Reconstruction


    His colleagues recognize Dr. Chesnut worldwide for his NEXT LEVEL results and cosmetic outcomes after skin cancer surgery. He is primarily known for his unbelievable results in the most intricate and vital areas, such as the eyes. He regularly leads and keynotes educational sessions for his colleagues across his cross-pollinated background of dermatologic and facial plastic surgery.

    Meet Dr. Chesnut

    Dr. Cameron Chesnut is one of the country's most highly sought-after cosmetic facial plastic surgeons. Patients worldwide travel to him weekly to experience his unrivaled cosmetic procedures. Uniquely, his foundational cosmetic prowess started as a reconstructive skin cancer surgeon, having performed tens of thousands of sensitive skin cancer treatments, and he continues to offer that next level of skin cancer treatment mixed with his unmatched cosmetic outcomes. He is board-certified and fellowship-trained as a dermatologic and facial plastic surgeon, a beautifully rare combination of cross-pollinated backgrounds to optimize your treatment.

    Dr. Chesnut is well known for his innovative use of minimally invasive procedures and his progressive vision to incorporate regenerative medicine into the healing process for improved outcomes. He is obsessive about his results and outcomes and is well known amongst both colleagues and patients for his mental and physical preparation - like no other - for every case, with a very purposeful entry into his flow state to optimize YOUR outcomes.

      Dr. Chesnut

      “Dr. Chesnut is probably the best example of the new generation of modernly trained international surgeons. He has chartered a solid, intelligent course, innovating and progressing new techniques while showing an uncanny aptitude to maximize his patients’ outcomes with minimally invasive approaches.”

      -Antiaging Medicine World Congress, Monaco

      “One of America’s most loved surgeons, but not just because of his media exposure. It is largely thanks to his results - at once both natural and very high impact.”

      -French Society of Oculoplastic Surgery

      What Makes Dr. Chesnut’s Treatment Define the NEXT LEVEL?

      • After skin cancer treatment, the most outstanding cosmetic outcomes with the most minimally invasive laser, surgical, reconstructive, and regenerative techniques.
      • The highest skin cancer cure rates in modern medicine.
      • The fastest recovery times after treatment.
      • The least scarring with Dr. Chesnut’s innovative scar reduction techniques.
      • The in-depth use of regenerative medicine during and after your procedure includes hyperbaric oxygen therapy, growth factors, targeted IV nutrition, lasers, and neuromodulators (BOTOX) to improve scar healing.
      • Tens of thousands of next level outcomes were achieved by Dr. Chesnut.
      • A beautiful, state-of-the-art, purpose-designed facility that offers you complete privacy with your secure and private room, along with a hidden entrance and exit.
      • Multiple anesthesia options are available based on patient preferences.
      • A full team that is experienced, kind, caring, and hyper-focused on your experience and outcome.
      • A visionary, comprehensive, and holistic approach to your tumor treatment and overall health that may include full functional medicine workup, customized supplementation, and nutritional optimization.
      • Next level incorporation of tumor genetic and biological markers, when indicated.
      • Full scar minimization protocol includes lasers, regenerative medicine, and numerous other modalities depending on your treatment needs. 

      Combining With Other Cosmetic Procedures

      Many of our patients choose to utilize this concierge experience, their time with Dr. Chesnut, one time under anesthesia, and the considerable benefit of having only one period of downtime to also address their other cosmetic concerns, such as eyelids, jawlines, neck, and skin aging. Dr. Chesnut will help guide you through that process!

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      Do I need surgery for my skin cancer?

      Dr. Chesnut can help to educate and navigate your best treatment options. This is not always surgery; it may involve lasers or other treatment options.

      How does the process work?

      This is a total concierge experience. We complete all logistics virtually before you travel to Clinic 5C, and we can help you along every step of the way! The process starts with a free screening and price estimate, followed by a formal virtual consultation with Dr. Chesnut that allows us to give you a definitive price quote. We have a full concierge program to help you with all travel logistics and lodging.

      Where are you located?

      Clinic 5C is tucked in the beautiful mountainous area of the Pacific Northwest, encompassing the greater Spokane, Washington, and Coeur d’Alene, Idaho region.

      How do I know if I’m a candidate?

      If you have a skin cancer needing treatment, you are a candidate. You can access your free screening and price estimate here.

      Will I have a scar?

      Dr. Chesnut is your absolute best option to minimize scarring. He is obsessive about his scar reduction process, results, and outcome. Scarring is as close to absent as possible, and he employs numerous unique techniques and protocols to minimize and optimize your scarring.

      What is the surgical experience like?

      Dr. Chesnut makes an intricate process incredibly simple, a true sign of mastery. Procedures are generally very relaxed. Anesthesia options range from local anesthesia to IV sedation options, depending on your needs. Your procedure occurs in a beautiful, state-of-the-art, purpose-designed facility that offers you complete privacy with your secure and private room and a hidden entrance and exit. Your entire treatment team is experienced, kind, caring, and hyper-focused on your experience and outcome.

      What are my anesthesia options?

      Your comfort is a priority and an essential element of your treatment experience. Even Dr. Chesnut’s anesthesia protocols are next level from a safety and comfort standpoint, whether utilizing local anesthesia or IV sedation. All of our anesthesia approaches and protocols are truly NEXT LEVEL.

      How long do I need to stay in the Pacific Northwest?

      Many patients can leave 2-3 days after their procedure. The first days are often spent utilizing our regenerative medicine protocols, such as hyperbaric oxygen therapy, to improve recovery and long-term outcomes.

      How much does it cost?

      Cost varies from $9000-$45,000 - with all variability depending on the details of your skin cancer. You can access your free screening and price estimate here.

      Does my insurance cover it?

      This NEXT LEVEL treatment for skin cancer is a customized package that is paid for by you directly.

      What is the regenerative medicine protocol?

      The regenerative medicine aspect is customized to each person. It is designed to expedite recovery times and improve long-term outcomes. Overall, it helps to define the next level of treatment. It often includes hyperbaric oxygen therapy, targeted IV nutrition, proprietary use of YOUR inherent growth factors to reduce scarring, lasers, nutritional optimization, pulsed electromagnetic frequency therapy, neuromodulators (like BOTOX) to improve scar healing, and more. Your exact regimen is determined in consultation.

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