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Revision series, post 21: eyelid surgery revision with my #EnigmaLift and lip filler dissolution followed by a #LoveLift deep plane lip lift and laser resurfacing. Prior eyelid procedures in this beautiful woman left her with an uneven upper eyelid contour, an unaddressed eyebrow encroaching on her upper lid, and her lower eyelid pulling down and away from her eyeball. In addition, her upper lip filler had migrated, giving her an uneven convex nature to her upper lip with a spongy consistency and elongated appearance.

She was bothered by these issues, yet overall she was in a very, very good spot, thus our goal was to improve the functional features of these areas and allow the form and aesthetics to follow. Using very minimally invasive approaches, we were able to lift and support her lower eyelid, subtly even out the contour of her eyelid and brow, and restore the form and function of her upper lip. A little laser resurfacing finished off the final look of this subtle and important constellation of procedures.

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