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Otoplasty - this procedure is truly life-changing; it is some of my favorite work, and I am excited to share it! This incredibly smart, talented, handsome and athletic 17-year-old young man is headed to the Air Force Academy to play soccer. He has literally everything going for him and is a truly remarkable person. He has always been somewhat bothered by the prominence of his ears, which he has hidden very well with his hair - now, knowing that he is soon going to have to cut his hair short for the Air Force Academy, he and his family made the brave decision to have a subtle correction to the prominence of his ears. This was a complex otoplasty involving the correction of the antihelical fold, the conchal bowl, and the tail or cauda of cartilage that directs the position of the ear lobe. For the rest of his life, nobody will ever know that he had this done - results are natural and unnoticeable, with creation of natural contours and normal projection of the entire ear and the lobe. To say he is pumped, stoked, or excited would be an understatement, it’s just hard to put words on what this procedure does.
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