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Facelift quiver series, part 12: my signature, extended deep plane #EnigmaLift facelift and necklift combined with a complicated #EnigmaLift for brow fat pad support, upper lid lift and ptosis repair plus scarless lower eye bag removal and mid face lift - finished off with my deep plane #LoveLift lip lift to engrave and correct prior upper lip filler, stem cell rich fat transfer, and laser resurfacing. The complex intricacies of this case will make my fellow surgeons excited. Starting with her eyes, where there was a great deal of asymmetry that is quite multi-factorial, coming from her brows fat pads, upper lid skin, and the position of her lid margins with some subtle but clinically significant ptosis. I find that this is often missed, or ignored as it is difficult to manage, which leaves sub optimal results - those results still look fine, but you just know there’s something else that was missing. Her neck and jawline pose a challenge with the volume, character and quality of the soft tissue there, requiring an extended deep plane approach to achieve the natural result and longevity without making her look pulled or over skeletonized in her neck, which would not fit her and would create the appearance down the road that the upper facial tissue were falling on a shelf of tightness below, we’ve all seen it - we call it a lateral sweep deformity. Not all deep plane lifts are created equal! Her upper lip had lengthened normally over time, and fillers were no longer improving her lips, instead they were widening them and weighing her upper lip down more, flattening her anatomy, and changing the movement characteristics. My LoveLift deep plane lip lift restored the sensuality, character, anatomy and movement of her upper lip in an incredibly natural way. *At the time, we were hesitant about lifting the corner of her lip, but upon reassessment now more than a year out, we will touch that up, stay tuned.* Stem cell rich fat transfer was utilized for long-term volume and structure in multiple parts of her face, especially noticeable with the new smoothness of her forehead!

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