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Revision series, part 10: Parotid gland “Pre-vision.” This lovely woman was extremely bothered by an asymmetric enlargement of her parotid glands that were squaring off her jawline and misshaping her lower face. She had seen several other surgeons who told her there was nothing they could do except to cut it out, even though it was not a tumor. She was just about to have that major surgery, then she came in for one last consult when she learned there was a new person in town. Thankfully, neuromodulators like Botox, Dysport and Xeomin can shrink and shape a salivary gland like the parotid. She also happened to have large masseter muscles contributing to the bulking of her jawline, and we were able to shape them to match, shrink her salivary glands, and do so symmetrically. This before and after photo you see is after her first treatment, and we have been touching up and keeping it at the proper size for a couple of years now. Chalk this pre-vision up to a save from surgery!

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