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Male jawline enhancement - this particular man already had a very strong shape in presence of his jawline and chin, but he had lost some definition, which presents a unique challenge to restore that definition without over emphasizing the jawline, chin and lower face. Filler was used via cannula to restore his mandibular border, angle and interface with his chin. Overall, subtle in appearance yet impactful on his powerful jawline, exactly what we wanted.

Here’s what his review said:
"Amazing Doctor, Amazing Staff, Amazing Results-

"I’m blown away by Dr. Chestnut’s knowledge and eye for male aesthetics. I’d been considering male jawline contouring/enhancement for quite a while, and was a bit frustrated at the lack of info available for men like me. I decided to schedule a consultation with Dr. Chestnut to address my questions. I knew within 5 minutes of discussing my wants and needs, that he was THE guy to give me the look I wanted.

"The procedure was painless and barely took any time at all. Dr. Chestnut and his staff made me feel at ease from start to finish. The results were exactly what I’d envisioned. Powerful but subtle. I’m really impressed with his ability to take what I described and put it into reality. You’re a real pro, thanks again for all your hard work!"

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