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Revision series, post 15: lip filler revision - a bit different here, as we did not dissolve prior filler before revising. This incredible, hardworking mom has an intimate knowledge of the cosmetic industry. She had prior filler in her lips with zero complaints. Upon assessment of her lips, she had some asymmetry and irregularity (see arrows), and her upper lip was larger than her lower lip. Every lip is different, variance depends on each individual with age, ethnicity, sex, etc, and there’s no perfect recipe, but we always want the bottom lip to be equal or larger to the upper lip. In general, rarely is my answer to a filler-based issue to add more filler; I like to dissolve and start over, but here is an exception! We elevated and evened her Cupid’s bow, evened the ratio of her upper and lower lip, added some shape and definition to her tubercles or pillows, and smoothed out the contours. Such a satisfying revision!

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