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The eyes have it, post 24: matrix enhanced PRP tear trough augmentation. This very progressive business owner wanted a lasting improvement in the tissue quality around her eyes and mouth without using filler. This tear trough augmentation was performed with 4 injections of matrix enhanced platelet rich plasma spaced over 1 year. The growth factors contained in the ME PRP have an effect on the thin skin, underlying musculature, and surrounding connective tissue in this region to improve the integrity and quality of this tissues. Sometimes filler really is the best option when a volume deficit is glaring, but when tissue integrity is compromised, filler can cause more detriment in some cases, and utilizing filler along with ME PRP in those situations can be helpful. I most often find this situation in patients who have had an old-school-style blepharoplasty that hollowed them out, and we are now trying to revolumize a post-surgical area with compromised tissue quality.

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