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The eyes have it series, part 77: form follows function - a male focus on lower eyelid bags. Not all lower eyelid bags are created the same: some have a predominance of fat, some muscle, some skin, and some gravity. In this man, his lower lids were lax, pulling away from his eyeball, showing some sagging and drooping under the blue portion of his eye, and creating bags all the way down to his cheeks. We performed my minimally invasive #EnigmaLift to restore structure in his lower lids, lift the sagging issue and eliminate the lower lid bags. For him this was both functional and aesthetic. As many of you know, I love architecture, and this is a great overlapping example where form follows function.

In addition to his completely scarless lower lid eye bag removal and eyelid tightening, we also performed a small procedure to support his brow and upper lid, eliminating the fullness that was hooding and encroaching on his upper eyelids. This was finished off with some laser resurfacing. In the end, you would never know we were there, but he is functionally future proofed and looking great for the years to come!

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