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Deep plane facelift and laser resurfacing. This woman was bothered by sagging tissue in her face, jawline and neck in addition to normal aging related changes in her skin quality. A deep plane facelift was performed to elevate all of her underlying soft tissue fat pads as one single unit and restore the gravity related aging changes. A simultaneous fractional CO2 laser resurfacing was also performed to improve her skin quality. It is a common misnomer that facelifts also improve aging skin. I find that almost everybody who needs a facelift can also benefit from laser resurfacing, so I perform them with most of my lifting procedures. Performing them simultaneously also allows a single period of downtime to be used for multiple benefits. She still has some residual pink in her skin from the laser healing process, but at this point she is ready to cover with make up and be out and about in the world! 

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