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The eyes have it series, post 82: lower eyebags removed with my permanent and completely scarless minimally invasive #EnigmaLift along with laser resurfacing and skin tightening around her lids and brow.

This beautiful, young medical student had a strong genetic predisposition for lower eyelid bags. She leads a very, very active lifestyle and did not want to put anything in her body that was not from her or would require frequent upkeep, so filler was not an option. To boot, with the nature of her prominent eyebags, utilizing that extra fat to transpose and fill any volume deficit in her cheek presented a better option with an end result that filler could have never matched. I often see patients who have prominent eyebags without as much volume deficit below, but end up getting filler as a first treatment, which gives an overfilled and puffy appearance to the lower eyelid and cheek junction - for these patients, surgery is a better option.

Eyebags often carry a strong genetic link, some people noticing it at very young ages - the earliest normal aging changes then cause the eyebags to become more noticeable. My EnigmaLift scarless eyebag removal is a procedure that I perform commonly on young patients - the minimally invasive, scarless, and long-term results make this a very attractive option for younger people.

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