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Facelift quiver series, part 11: my signature deep plane #EnigmaLift facelift and necklift combined with and #EnigmaLift scarless lower eye bag removal and mid face lift - finished off with a beautiful combination of my deep plane #LoveLift lip lift, stem cell rich fat transfer, and laser resurfacing.

I love this set of changes that start in her lower lids with the disappearance of her eye bags, blending seamlessly with the elevation of her cheek, which completely changes the character of her mid face and lower eyelid junction, which is most obvious in the elevated and beautiful light reflection.

Her upper lip had lengthened normally over time, and fillers were no longer improving her lips, instead they were likely weighing it down more, flattening her anatomy, and changing the movement characteristics. The LoveLift deep plane lip lift restored the sensuality, character, anatomy and movement of her upper lip in an incredibly natural way.

The re-creation of her jawline and elevation of her neck may be the most obvious changes at first glance - and those are built on the foundation of all the elevation from above, even the volumizing with her own stem cell rich fat transfer - volume that will stay with her.

The extended deep plane technique of my EnigmaLift for her face and neck is significantly different than most facelifts and necklifts - they are not all created equal. It takes the volume that she does have and replaces it by lifting up the deep fat pads and soft tissue directly, instead of just pulling on them from above while they are still attached deep, which can flatten the face and leave a pulled look - something we all have seen. My EnigmaLift is often used to fix those situations, so it’s wonderful here to do this the first time, giving her a result that is more natural looking, utilizes the volume and assets that she already has, and will last significantly longer!

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