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The eyes have it series, post 73: a male adaptation of my #Enigmalift upper eyelid surgery, minimally invasive brow support and scarless lower eye bag removal with focal fat transfer.

Eyelid surgery on men is very fun and very different - there is an extra emphasis on the goal to leave no trace. Objectives are different, and the end aesthetic is to keep as masculine of a look as possible while adding a little bit of youth and vitality back to the eyes.

Here that was accomplished with a minor adjustment at the tail the brow to add some more strength and projection while keeping the shape flat and masculine, fixing the hooding of the upper eyelids and creating a crisp, clean line above the eyelashes without hollowing anything out, and removing the puffy lower eye bags without changing the look at the lower lids. Some focal fat transfer to restore strength and structure was also utilized. The entire procedure was very minimally invasive.

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