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The eyes have it series, post 93: powerful, subtle support around the eyes. This demonstrates one of the main reasons I love working around the eyes: properly chosen, expertly planned, and perfectly executed small procedures can have a huge impact on the overall appearance and character of the entire face. At baseline, this beautiful woman had developed what is called a lateral bowing of her lower eyelid, giving some scleral show, where her lower lid is retracted or pulled down too far - changing the entire shape of her eye, especially when couples with hollowness of her upper eyelids. This can happen with the normal aging process and loss of bony or soft tissue support, with genetics, or commonly after suboptimal lower eyelid surgeries. This is a very complicated problem to address, but thankfully she had no history of prior procedures, and we were able to re-support her entire midface and lower lids by using strategic fat transfer alone - no surgery! Using stem cell rich fat transfer here is an excellent example of one of my favorite properties, where it restructures and strengthens as much as a volumizes. The appearance of her upper lids improved as well with the volume and her overall look is subtly but strongly improved with a more vibrant character to her eyes.

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