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The eyes have it series, post 70: subtly incredible from every angle - a combination of my #Enigmalift minimally invasive brow support and upper eyelid rejuvenation with laser resurfacing.

This is my jam! I love how all of the small things add up here. Her brow has its projection and volume repositioned without over elevating; her upper lids are crisp, clean and even while they no longer rest on her eyelashes, without being overly hollowed and artificially aged. Her skin is incredibly restored in all aspects of photo aging with reduction of the wrinkles around her eyes and mouth, improvement of her brown spots and pigment, and textual smoothing. Resilience restored!

To boot, this beautiful woman is quite progressive and certainly on the cutting edge, and we did stem cell injections with her own matrix-enhanced PRP (which I also utilize in all aspects of every facial procedure) into both of her knees, which has allowed her to resume normal life and activities she had been unable to do prior. Bonus!

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