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The eyes have it series, post 84: Ptosis means sinking of the upper eyelids, a drooping of the position where the eyelashes actually sit, which covers up the colored part of our eye and makes the aperture of our eye smaller. There is a genetic predisposition to develop ptosis, it can worsen with age, and it generally creates a significant eyelid asymmetry, even in the eyebrows, which drive up as a failed compensatory reflex - shown here by the arrows pointing to both ptosis and the brow driving upwards.

Most patients notice their ptosis first in photographs, when they are tired, or when they’ve had a glass of wine. Ptosis repair is an incredibly complex, intricate and unforgiving procedure to perform on the upper lids. There are different options for fixing it, which range from quite minimally invasive to a bit more complex.

Here you see the results of a beautiful woman who had acquired ptosis, which created asymmetry, drove her brows upwards and hollowed out her upper lids. This ptosis repair was very calculated and detailed, and here you see the results three years later - her brows have normalized, her upper lids have more volume, and her eyelids live in a more appropriate and symmetrical position.

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