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The eyes have it series, post 94: my unique #EnigmaLift focused on the brow and upper lid contours while scarlessly removing the lower eyebags - all paired with stem cell rich fat transfer and laser resurfacing.

This was a double honor for me, as this colleague of mine that I didn’t previously know found me and traveled in to have her procedure as a retirement present to herself!

She had some very significant aging changes, and her main goal was to not look “operated“ or “done,” and she was very fearful of that, which is why she chose me! With improper techniques, a lack of understanding, poor planning and suboptimal execution, it can be easy to create an unnatural look when trying to rejuvenate eyes or a face with significant aging changes.

That is where my EnigmaLift comes in - the procedure and nuances are different for every person, every time, literally - while the assessment, thought paradigm, planning and execution are pristine, every time! #WelcomeToTheNextLevel

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