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Numerous revisions using various aspects of my #EnigmaLift - let’s discuss them one by one: 

A prior full coronal brow lift (incision across the top of the scalp from ear to ear) had failed, and you can see how my minimal access #EnigmaLift browlift outperforms much more invasive procedures and makes her brows look more natural. Look at the outside corner of her eyebrow and into her temple to see.

A prior upper eyelid surgery had made a portion of her eyes very hollow while also leaving a bulging fat pad at the inside corner, which you can see very plainly in these photos. That ages her upper lid by creating a juxtaposition of a hollow and a bulge right next to each other. I utilized a fat pad repositioning to take that bulging fat pad and move it to the adjacent hollow area. This is a rare procedure to perform, and is truly next level.

A significant upper eyelid ptosis, drooping, on her right lid was neglected with her past surgery. That was corrected to open up her eyes, bring some shine and sparkle back to them, and make her more symmetric.

The prior eyelid surgery left a malposition of her lower eyelids, creating further asymmetry and setting her up for future problems with continued pull on her lower legs. That was corrected with a lower eyelid tightening procedure as part of my #EnigmaLift.

Prior filler in her upper lip had lengthened out her lip. That filler was removed with #UltrasoundGuidedFillerDissolution and my #LoveLift with a corner lift was utilized to restore the natural position and movement of her upper lip. Filler in her cheek and lower eyelid was also obscuring and causing an unnatural contour in that area, which was also removed.

Prior neck procedures left her hollowed out in the front portion of her neck with a cobra neck, or gunshot deformity, of her neck consisting of a loss of deep volume and the persistence of bands in her neck, giving a skeletonized and aged appearance. This was a very complicated correction, for which I utilized my stem cell rich #ÔPTIMizedFatTransfer to restore the deep volume she paired that with my #EnigmaLift deep plane face and neck lift to reconstruct the anatomy of her anterior neck.

A prior chin implant was removed shortly after its insertion, and we utilized my stem cell rich #ÔPTIMizedFatTransfer to restore structure in the area of the implant.

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