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The eyes have it series, post 43: an INCREDIBLY complex case of improving symmetry and ptosis or sinking in both the brow and the upper eyelids. This has been life-changing for this lovely lady. When you look at her before, you’ll notice that her left brow is dramatically higher than her right brow, which is significantly encroaching on her upper eyelid. The more subtle thing to notice is that her left eyelid is also quite droopy, starting to cover up her pupil (look at the reflection of the ring flash and the distance from her eyelashes). The difficulty and trick here is: lifting the right brow to an appropriate level while simultaneously lowering the left brow and lifting the left upper lid, trying to make all of those moving parts work together and match symmetrically as best as possible! This is why I love eyelid surgery, the intricacies, complex anatomy, and subtle changes are quite difficult to achieve, but when properly planned and executed, they add up to be so impactful!

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