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The eyes have it series, post 88: revising work from Mexico with my #EnigmaLift minimally invasive brow lift, upper eyelid surgery, scarless lower eyebag removal, midface lift, along with lifting and elevating of her lower eyelid margin with a closed canthoplasty. This kind and beautiful woman had some prior procedures in Mexico that did not achieve the aesthetic results she was after. We focused on the positioning of the fat pads below her eyebrows with a minimally invasive browlift to suspend and reposition that volume. I find many patients and surgeons will focus on the position of the brow hair properly with a brow lift, but the underlying soft tissues are much more important. The skin on her upper eyelids was then addressed in a more subtle fashion than what would have been necessary without the brow repositioning. Next, we focused on her lower lids and performed a complete midface and lower eyelid rejuvenation with minimal access and no scars. The fat pads in her lower eyelid were repositioned to her cheek, and her cheek fat pads were elevated and repositioned with a midface lift. Finally, a closed canthoplasty was performed to tighten her lower lids and elevate her lid position, which was sinking with her mid face. No volume was added in this situation, all of the beautiful volume that we see in the after photo came from repositioning what she already had.

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