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The Eyes Have It Series and Revision Series: an incredibly fun challenge using a host of my #EnigmaLift techniques to rejuvenate the eyes and revise a prior browlift and facelift.

This lovely patient had a prior facelift and browlift with a very skilled and reputable surgeon, but as it aged she was left with some stigmata of those procedures. Despite the browlift, the tail of her brows into her temples still had redundant, sinking tissue, which was exacerbated by the lifting motion in her cheeks that created a bunching, which we call a sweep deformity.

For her eyes, she had some significant lower eyelid retraction with a “bowing“ of the outside edge of her lower eyelid, creating a sad appearance. Slight ptosis in her upper eyelids, exacerbated by the browlift, left her with an asymmetric tarsal show, and hollowing of her upper lids. She had significant lower eyelid bagging and fat pad protrusion with a tear trough hollow and the unique challenge of very prominent veins and vasculature in her lower lids, creating a lumpy, bumpy, shadowed appearance.

We took a very multifaceted EnigmaLift approach to correct, with a very small and focal browlift targeted at the redundant temporal skin, which makes a huge difference on the upper eyelids also, paired with a scarless approach to lift her up or lids to correct their position, which was finished off with some strategic stem cell rich fat grafting to subtly restore volume in the upper lid and create a very even tarsal plate show (where you would put your eyeshadow).

For the lower lids, I performed a scarless correction of her lower eyelid bags, which I paired with a scarless mid facelift and lower eyelid tightening to correct the bowing, lower lid retraction, and sad look to her eyes. The stem cell rich fat grafting created the final touch to smooth out the contours and help hide the prominent vasculature.

This is all finished off with my photodynamic laser cocktail, addressing redness, tone and texture with multiple devices, you can even notice a little red angioma on her right lower lid that’s gone away. #WelcomeToTheNextLevel #MrFixIt #EyesByChesnut

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