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The eyes have it, post 18: upholding the trust of a fellow cosmetic physician with transconjunctival lower eyelid fat pad repositioning and photorejuvenation laser resurfacing. It’s always an honor to be trusted by your fellow physicians, especially when they know aesthetics. This super smart, driven young doctor had been waiting for her 40th birthday to have her lower lids surgically addressed. We had been doing a great job with filler in the interim; she was looking for a more long-term solution with further aging on the horizon. Here you see the results of some very strategic fat pad rearrangement and repositioning to smooth out her lower lids and revolumize her cheeks, all performed with local anesthesia and no external incisions! The lateral views really show this true anatomical change and blending of the eyelid and cheek junction. I simultaneously performed a light laser cocktail including some resurfacing to improve the tone, texture, pigmentation and feel of her skin. This is a very popular age group of people seeking their first aesthetic treatments, and this is an excellent example of surgery not necessarily being that extreme of an option and giving beautiful results even earlier on in the aging process. #EyelidExpert #NanoStructuralEyelidSurgery

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