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The eyes have it, part 6: male lower eye bag removal. Eyelid surgery is one of my most commonly performed procedures on men because the results are natural, the procedure and recovery are quite stealth, and the end result improves a look of rejuvenation, strength and power without feminizing the face. Men are often very bothered by this area, which makes it low hanging fruit for correction. Improper performance of this procedure can easily feminize the face, so the distinct differences in male aesthetics need to be understood and obeyed. This man was after a subtle, natural result that would not look like he had surgery while addressing his drooping upper lids and lower lid bags. We performed an internal brow support procedure that would avoid peaking or feminizing his brows, and would open up his sagging upper lid and brow while respecting the strong, masculine upper lid and brow volume that he had. Afterwards you’ll notice a strong, flat, masculine brow was maintained while his eyes are slightly more open and alert. His lower lid bags are reduced and match his overall facial aesthetics very well. All procedures were performed with very minimally invasive techniques and no external scars. #NanoStructuralLowerEyelidSurgery

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