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The eyes have it, part two: upper lid hollowness - A-frame deformity - with lower lid volume loss. In part one, we talked about isolated lower lid volume loss. Here you can see a combination of early loss in the upper lids along with some volume loss in the lower lids. With focal loss in the upper lid of the middle fat pad, it is called an A-frame deformity. Think of somebody who is a bit cachectic, wasting away from starvation, and what their upper lids look like. When that volume loss in the upper lid gets extensive, it is called a C-frame deformity. Revolumizing the lower lids alone is not enough in this situation, and it can actually contribute to an unnatural loss of balance if filled without the upper lid. Here you can see correction of the upper lid A-frame deformity balanced with lower lid and brow volume. Overall very subtle, yet rejuvenating.

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