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The eyes have it series, post 78: upper eyelid ptosis repair, left unaddressed after previous upper eyelid surgery. Ptosis is the medical word that means drooping or sinking. Eyelid ptosis is quite bothersome aesthetically, as it can make one look tired and disinterested, while it functionally also does not allow as much light to enter the eye.

Ptosis of the eyelids is a very difficult problem to manage, as our brains are exquisitely sensitive to asymmetries in the positioning of the upper eyelids. Repair of this issue is very intricate, very precise, and very unforgiving. Oftentimes, I see this problem go unaddressed in cosmetic upper lid surgery - exactly what happened here - because of this procedural challenge and difficulty. When that happens, a significant piece of the puzzle is left on the table, unaddressed, and it can actually be exacerbated.

Here, we took on the challenge, touched up her prior lid surgery and repaired her ptosis, achieving the tall order with a nice, even and symmetric outcome.

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