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The eyes have it series, post 62: internal brow support combined with upper eyelid surgery - this is essentially a push-up bra for the brow fat pad on the outside of the brow, which deflates, descends and encroaches on the upper eyelid, contributing to part of the fullness that many people notice as an early sign of eyelid aging.

One of the most common misconceptions that I see is that those early stages of upper lid aging and sagging are caused solely by excess skin. In reality, the sinking and descent of the brow and underlying fat pad are major contributors, even early on, and addressing just upper lid skin can exacerbate the problem and give an unnatural look by shortening the distance between the brow and upper lid, pulling it down further.

Here you see a young, beautiful woman, with those earliest changes in her upper lid and brow, who demonstrates this idea perfectly. One of my favorite things about her results is the shape, fullness and projection of her brow fat pad. You can really appreciate the effect that its position and projection have on the overall result, without any volume added. This pairs beautifully with the now crisp upper lid! #EyelidExpert #EyesByChesnut #Enigmalift

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