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The eyes have it, part four: Upper eyelid surgery and lower lid and cheek volume restoration with laser brown spot removal. In parts one through three we have focused on early and middle stages of changing in both the upper and lower lids corrected with filler. In this very beautiful and active woman, you can see the earliest stages of upper eyelid changes with accrual of excess skin and and hooding of the upper lids paired with volume changes in the lower lid and cheek that give a bit of a sunken and hollow appearance. This combination ages her and makes her look tired, which does not fit with the actual person you see in front of you! There are other specific considerations here, as Asian eyelids and cheeks have a different aesthetic and different anatomy. It’s important that these differences are understood and respected. It’s very easy to over volumize a lower lid and cheek, for example. The same goes for the upper lid, where that understanding and respect of the baseline anatomy is key to maintain a natural look. She simultaneously had removal of her sun damage and brown spots on her cheek with a laser.

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