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The eyes have it series, post 79: chasing symmetry - in all its complexity with my #EnigmaLift. This beautiful woman had a very complex situation in her upper eyelids and eyebrows leading to a significant asymmetry. The complexity hinged on an interplay between ptosis (sinking) in both her eyelids - where her eyelashes sit, affecting the aperture of her eyes - and the soft tissue fat pads under her eyebrows.

The two major challenges in correcting this interplay involve a moving target: fixing eyelid ptosis on one side affects the dynamic position of the ptosis on the other side as well as the reflexive muscular drive that controls positioning of the brows. There’s a lot going on here!

The keys to correcting involve subtly addressing all elements to “meet in the middle'' as the dynamic and reflexive portions react and normalize. For example, elevating her brow fat pad on the most ptotic side without over elevating the brow hairs themselves, keeping the brow shape natural and keeping her from looking surprised and hollowed in her upper lids. In the end, we were able to achieve a beautiful and natural result with excellent symmetry employing a creative and deftly executed combination of eyelid ptosis correction and minimally invasive, mini brow lifting.

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