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The eyes have it series, post 96: non-surgical rejuvenation of the lids with my stem cell rich fat transfer and carte blanche laser resurfacing.

One of the key metrics of success for an upper eyelid surgery is a very even and smooth upper eyelid crease and tarsal plate show. Your tarsal plate is where you would place your eyeshadow, and with aging, time, fat pad and bone resorption, the upper lid gets uneven and creates what we call an A-frame deformity of hollowness in the upper eyelid.

That upper lid change is quite evident here in the before photo, and I often see people seeking out eyelid surgery for this issue. The great news is: often we can achieve better than a surgical result, non-surgically, by restoring volume in the upper lid, which we did here with this woman’s own stem cell rich fat. We finished it off with my carte blanche laser resurfacing to target redness, tone and texture. These results are durable and will flatten her further aging curve over time! #WelcomeToTheNextLevel

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