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The eyes have it series, post 50: post- chemotherapy tissue changes. There is a deep and beautiful soul that these eyes are the window to, and I am very honored to have been trusted to help brighten them up. Changes in tissue quality and integrity are an important part of our regular aging process, and this can be significantly accelerated with treatments like chemotherapy. This woman had a past history of aggressive chemotherapy that significantly deteriorated the skin, muscle, fat pads and even bone around her eyes, leading to a slight lack of luster and sparkle, a tired appearance, and significant asymmetries.

The multiple, small, and subtle changes were addressed by first supporting her brow, contouring her upper lid, eliminating her lower lid eye bags, using her own fat to volumize her cheeks, and improving her overall tissue quality with laser and regenerative medicine. It is easy to see the return of the sparkle and the increased energy in her eyes. A closer look reveals the reason for that: more light reflection below the supported brows, an even upper eyelid crease, elimination of the shadowing and asymmetry from her lower lid bags, and an improved structural frame with her cheeks and temples. Overall, hard to put your finger on individually, but as a whole, a beautiful restoration.

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