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The eyes have it series, post 95: my #EnigmaLift ptosis repair - so subtle, yet so incredibly complex, paired with my light #CarteBlancheLaserCocktail.

Ptosis (the ‘p’ is silent) of the eyelid means sinking or dropping of the actual lid plate, with the eyelashes sitting low. Correcting ptosis is one of the most difficult and intricate procedures, as the causes are varied and the repair options are detailed and unforgiving, leading many plastic surgeons to not even attempt these repairs.

For me, I’m a perfectionist, and the devil is in the details, so I address this whenever it is present in my cosmetic procedures - when I see surgeons leave it unaddressed, it makes an otherwise beautiful procedure look suboptimal, just a little off.

In her case, the ptosis was quite asymmetrical, as it usually is, making correction more demanding. Her ptosis also causes her upper lids to look hollow, artificially aging her, and you’ll notice the upper eyelid volume correction that happens when the ptosis is repaired.

My fellows will attest, I stress this hard when teaching them, we always asses for it, we often find subtle and occult cases - and that knowledge will definitely help set them apart in their future careers. #WelcomeToTheNextLevel

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