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The eyes have it, part 7: focus on the lateral eyes. The outside, or lateral, portion of the eyes ages in different ways than the inside. In the upper eye, the outside portion of the eyelid/eyebrow complex is very mobile and thus prone to aging, which manifests as hooding and drooping. The outer portion of the eyebrow also has a robust fat pad that atrophies with age, contributing to this brow descent. With the lower eyelids, this lateral aging is much more complicated to correct, as it involves changes in the bony shape of the orbital rim, descent of the cheek fat pads and aging of the eyelid itself which is prone to becoming lax at the outer portion. The harsh look to the lateral eye socket is difficult to address both with surgery and with nonsurgical options such as filler. Here you see an eyebrow, upper and lower eyelid correction with a focus on the lateral brow fat pad area and the lateral portion of the lower lid with a significant softening of the outside portion of her orbital rim, making her look less harsh. There’s a nice improvement in the inside portion of the eyelid as well, but that’s old news! #NanoStructuralLowerEyelidSurgery

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